Recovery Coaching

Recovery is much more than not picking up a drink or a drug one day at a time or learning to avoid triggers that prompt relapse. The point of recovery is stepping into the truth of who you are. Twelve-step and other programs create necessary structure and foundation for that exploration, and empower each person to find his or her own way. My expertise is helping people get more comfortable and confident in their ability to express “to thine own self be true.”  Additionally, I teach practical meditation and imagery practices that increase insight and awareness.

Expand addiction recovery to deeper levels

Address long-term recovery opportunities and challenges, such as:

Emotional Sobriety

  • Examining habits and reactive behaviors that undermine your success, well-being or overall sobriety
  • Increasing your ability to recognize and address festering thoughts and emotions before they transform into meltdowns, attacking behaviors or feelings of victimization
  • Setting better and more consistent boundaries with family and friends
  • Getting more comfortable with the risk of going full-out in meaningful endeavors
  • Building strength and confidence to pursue dormant dreams

Finding your voice and using it

  • Integrating codependency, women’s, LGBT, or other identity issues into the foundation of your recovery
  • Becoming more familiar with your strengths, talents and gifts
  • Committing to using your strengths more often and in more areas
  • Articulating your own values and intentions to yourself and significant others
  • Owning deeper longings and desires to become who you are (“to thine own self be true”)
  • Discerning which approaches and suggestions will be of most benefit to your recovery today


  • Developing routines that keep your mind, body and spirit in better balance
  • Using mindfulness and other techniques to release obsessive or ruminating thinking
  • Learning stress management and meditation techniques that relax your body and strengthen your focus on your spiritual connection/connection with others
  • Reorganizing time to focus more on your deeper priorities and personal passions
  • Reducing anxiety and pressure by engaging more frequently in self-care practices
  • Exploring and practicing healthy self-soothing activities

Are you ready to craft a meaningful life?

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