Life and Business Coaching

I work exclusively with individuals who have a commitment, agenda, idea, or vision of who they want to be, how they want to have impact in the world, and/or where they want to go… and some barrier or missing piece is holding them back. They feel as if their life would lack substantial purpose, meaning, or impact if they didn’t express their talents more fully or succeed in their efforts. As a result, they are motivated to get whatever information is available or take whatever action is necessary to move closer to it.

Other people often call them change agents, leaders, good managers, innovators, risk-takers, creatives/artists, superstars.

Life and business coaching helps:

Nurture your talents and value them Address organizational impediments that create frustration Clarify where you can make a difference and how you want to use your energy Pick your battles

Things my clients care about

People problems

  • Collaborating with people with different leadership, work, and personality styles
  • Coping with highly competitive co-workers or colleagues who do not pull their weight
  • Working with people whom you may not like or respect (or vice versa)
  • Interacting with people who may be using you (esp. if you are successful, wealthy, unusually attractive)
  • Handling day to day conflicts with team members
  • Preparing to have difficult conversations or being on the receiving end of one
  • Dealing with narcissists who are valued by senior management yet who undermine everyone else around them


  • Managing anger or frustration with difficult colleagues or with dysfunctional workplaces or clients
  • Determining whether it is time to leave your job or to change your approach
  • Avoiding impulsive decision-making and behaviors
  • Discerning when to speak up and when to keep quiet
  • Listening more effectively, particularly when you are meeting deadlines and resent interruptions

Creative challenges

  • Being a leader or change-agent in a culture that resists change
  • Navigating complicated systems and office politics
  • Expressing more of your potential at work

Managing your managers

  • Demonstrating to your manager(s) that you are ready for a promotion
  • Developing strategies for responding when your manager takes credit for your ideas
  • Adjusting more skillfully to your manager’s leadership style
  • Dealing with your manager’s limitations
  • Coping with micromanagement
  • Presenting your ideas in front of executive management

Managing your subordinates and direct-reports

  • Implementing and communicating change to employees who may be resistant
  • Being more conscious of the impact of your management style on subordinates
  • Delegating more effectively or more often
  • Helping subordinates transition from “order-takers” to independent thinkers
  • Developing better coaching skills to help subordinates foster better problem-solving strategies
  • Leveraging your staffs’ strengths for critical tasks

Address psychological and spiritual issues triggered by significant life events

Facing the mind

  • Re-examining priorities during or after a significant illness or accident – yours or a loved one’s
  • Creating new direction after losing an important job or meaningful relationship
  • Understanding why previously normal routines no longer provide satisfaction and comfort

Lifting the spirit

  • Dealing with mid-life issues and awareness of your mortality: creating a legacy of which you can be proud
  • Recognizing and nurturing the part of you that wants something “more” or is seeking knowledge and wisdom
  • Making sense of unexpected profound intuitions or spiritual experiences (as in, “what was that?” or “where did THAT come from?”)

Are you ready to craft a meaningful life?

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