Group Facilitation & Organizational Consultation

I develop seminars and facilitated sessions that raise awareness and teach practical skills for adapting to the ever-increasing demands of the workplace. I work closely with clients to develop customized sessions that “fit” within the overall culture. Over the last few years I have developed seminars on Mindfulness, Visualization (for improved performance), Managing People with Disabilities, Responding to Mental Health Issues in the Workplace, Practical Strategies for Optimizing Performance, and Best Practices for Maintaining Energy and Reducing Stress, among others. I facilitate smaller group sessions for departments and divisions that are under constant pressure to show their value and please their clients.

Increase endurance, enhance focus, and relax the body

Opportunities and resistance

The workplace provides opportunities to create, problem-solve, reinforce our sense of competence and skill, and to achieve success in sometimes demanding environments.

Yet there is also a steep price that many people pay: limited sleep; lack of personal time to reflect and regroup; routine ingestion of caffeine, sugar, and carbs as an alternative energy source; feeling consistent pressure to be available and productive during work and traditional non-working hours; and, in some organizations, fear that stopping for a needed break during the workday will result in perception by others that you “are not working.” Additionally, some employees in high performance environments fear that any form of break that includes regrouping techniques- like meditation, a walk, or other regrouping techniques-   will disrupt any chance they have of returning immediately back to high-intensity functioning.

My seminars are grounded in evidence-based science and provided on-site or via webinar. Each seminar provides practical resiliency tools that increase endurance, enhance mental clarity and focus, and relax the body.

Proven benefits

Current research suggests that resiliency practices that incorporate mindfulness and other psychological strategies:

  • Improve cognitive flexibility and alertness (Moore and Malinowski, 2009; Zeidan et al., 2010).
  • Guard against distractions and helping avoid the errors and mistakes that occur when attention departs from present moment events (Herndon, 2008).
  • Reduce emotional exhaustion (Narayanan, Chaturvedi, Reb, and Srinivas, 2011).
  • Reduce heart rate variability and the stress hormone cortisol (Wolever, et al., 2012).

The rules of every professional sport build in time-limited breaks. As new technologies enable corporate Americans to blur traditional boundaries between work and personal time, timeouts are necessary for reflection and sustainable performance.

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to Mindfulness
  • Using Visualization to Improve Performance
  • Practical Strategies for Optimizing Performance
  • Coaching Employees Effectively
  • Supervising Difficult Employees
  • Meaningful Mentoring
  • Leading: More than Managing
  • Embracing Change
  • Building Resilience

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