Meditation has reached a tipping point in corporate America


Elite athletes have long recognized that physical skill, strength, and drive can get them into a competition, but that a clear, focused mind is necessary to win.  High performers in business are no different than athletes: their IQ, ambition, education and willingness to do “whatever it takes” make them far more similar than different from each other. In mindfulness meditation classes I taught at Goldman Sachs, participants learned tools to manage pressure, to become more self-aware, and to make better choices about where to place their energy, attention and effort.

Meditation and visualization demand discipline.  Many people feel they are already working hard enough.  Others who are familiar with the science confirming the physical, emotional, and mental edge that these practices provide are willing to make the extra effort to move into higher states of flow.  Others who aren’t aware of the science, but know that something inside them demands they do their very best, will find these tools as a natural part of their search for excellence.

About Elizabeth Sudler

As a senior manager in two national behavioral health insurance companies, I had P&L responsibility for large clinical and call centers. Predominantly my work has involved turnarounds and operational expansion to meet growth targets. I have consulted in vendor roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies on behavioral change management, and led hundreds of seminars on resilience and self-management topics using psychological principles from my training as a licensed psychotherapist.

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