Sometimes.  But just as often they outperform everyone else.  What is the difference?  How you give.

Do you live in a world that you want to make a better place? Or in one where no one will look out for you if you don’t look out for yourself first? Perhaps you hedge your bets, ensuring that you keep score with others and balance what you give and take.  Adam Grant, a Wharton Business School professor, lucidly describes in  Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success how your mindset about giving, taking, or “matching” can set you up for success or failure at work and in life.  Before reading further, take a short survey to identify your preferred style.


Adam’s research in organizational psychology clearly demonstrates that people who enjoy helping others are likely to become more successful and have greater positive impact, so long as they do not simultaneously subjugate  their own interests, energy, and health.

In clinical circles, this is called self-care.  In business circles, serving others while taking care of yourself can lead to innovation and change that serves a broader audience.  Read  Maria Popova‘s crisp review of Give and Take in brain pickings.

About Elizabeth Sudler

As a senior manager in two national behavioral health insurance companies, I had P&L responsibility for large clinical and call centers. Predominantly my work has involved turnarounds and operational expansion to meet growth targets. I have consulted in vendor roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies on behavioral change management, and led hundreds of seminars on resilience and self-management topics using psychological principles from my training as a licensed psychotherapist.

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