What Lay Beneath Procrastination

Natalia, a highly educated professional fluent in 4 languages, has had success as an academic and a consultant for over 15 years.  Although she is always busy with various projects, she considers herself a procrastinator when issues have personal, as opposed to professional value. She hoped coaching would help her stop procrastinating and start helping her pay more attention to her personal life.

In her professional life, financial success and the approval of others served as a benchmark for success.

She reported that busyness at work prevented her from making thoughtful choices in her personal life and committing herself wholeheartedly to them.

As she continued talking, she realized she had avoided making choices because, whether they turned out well or poorly, she alone would have to assume responsibility for them.  This dawning awareness came as a surprise to her since she had never given herself time to explore this issue in any depth.

Over the course of several strategic coaching sessions, Natalia became determined to chart a course in her personal life the way she already had in her professional life.  There, she had built support systems and leveraged the knowledge and goodwill of colleagues and friends to solve important problems.  It became clear to her that she could apply that same resourcefulness to her personal life.

As Natalia explored and considered all possible options, she became aware that she was ready to start a family.  Both Natalia and her husband had previously decided not to have children, but Natalia’s reawakened interest in family sparked a change in them both.  As the coaching process ended, Natalia and her husband had initiated an adoption application.

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As a senior manager in two national behavioral health insurance companies, I had P&L responsibility for large clinical and call centers. Predominantly my work has involved turnarounds and operational expansion to meet growth targets. I have consulted in vendor roles with multiple Fortune 500 companies on behavioral change management, and led hundreds of seminars on resilience and self-management topics using psychological principles from my training as a licensed psychotherapist.

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