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Clueless about being clueless

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There is an assumption in psychological and spiritual circles that other people, irritating as they sometimes can be, act as a mirror.  That what we react to and dislike in them is a reflection of how we also behave.  Except that we do not know that we are doing versions of the very thing that they are doing.  It takes a leap of faith to accept this assumption.  I dislike pedophiles, and I am not a pedophile and never have been.  But I have ever in my earlier life manipulated, overpowered, or humiliated a person more vulnerable than me.    As I understand the concept, the issue isn’t necessarily that I need to behave in exactly the same way as the person who offends me, but that my intense dislike or judgment of them is the first clue that their behavior is triggering something important in me .   “Joe” is a an excellent example of someone who creates this effect in many people. Read More

Should You Quit Your Job Right Now?

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Jonathan started strategic coaching to determine whether he wanted to stay in his job.  For three years he had worked long hours and recently had been promoted to Vice President.  In the past year, multiple coworkers had been laid off due to market contraction and ongoing cost-cutting and he and his small team were expected to absorb the work without complaint. Read More

When Saying No Is Hard To Do

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Joanne took a high pressure dream job and found herself overwhelmed.  Her new managers put her in charge of numerous large projects.  Joanne continually assured them that not only could she handle the current workload, but also she could handle anything new they sent her way.  Based on that information, they put her in charge of other projects outside her normal scope of responsibility. Read More

What Lay Beneath Procrastination

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Natalia, a highly educated professional fluent in 4 languages, has had success as an academic and a consultant for over 15 years. Although she is always busy with various projects, she considers herself a procrastinator when issues have personal, as opposed to professional value. She hoped coaching would help her stop procrastinating and start helping her pay more attention to her personal life.

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